Learning to see…

Drawing inspiration from the work of sculptor Antony Gormley, this work explores the figure in space. The work investigates the human form in relation to space as well as each other; curious interactions instinctively occur between the dancers. Characters unfold within the movement as we see what lies beneath our exterior.

Following a Research and Development period in August 2014, a 10min work in progress was performed at Brighton Dance Network’s Scratch Night at the Brighton Dome in November 2014. The public feedback received at this event has directly impacted the development of the work. The following weeks were spent exploring new ideas and investigating the ideas behind the piece in more depth. Developed versions of the work have been performed at Spun Through Shadows at TripSpace and Swallowsfeet Festival at Old Market Theatre in Brighton.

Choreography: Daisy Farris in collaboration with the dancers

Music: Original composition by Portia Graves.

Dancers: Hannah Cameron, Holly Preece, Glynn Egerton-Read, Sarah Gaul, Laura Heywood and Daisy Farris

View Research and Development Gallery HERE

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