Janette Williams

Janette is working with DFDcollective as part of the IN-SITE project. Janette will be making an original score for the final film using taking sounds from around Sun Pier to use in her work.

“As a drummer I have had the honour of playing drums for many different bands and in hugely varied and exciting scenarios throughojanetteut the years.I have played all over the world, from touring Japan with one of the UK’s Japanese Taiko groups, to recording on the kit for an album at Abbey Road studios. I have recorded for Universal and I have played stages at Glastonbury and at Wembley. I currently reside in London and can be found, many an evening performing with a London Fringe musical theatre show or in a cabaret or big band. As a composer I have had work used on book trailers and for short films along with scores for live performance work.”www.jwmusicuk.com


Janette recording sound of dancers feet
Janette recording sound of dancers feet

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