The Princess Alice R&D Wk6

Week 6 was our final week in the studio together. The process has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish; the dancers have worked incredibly hard to explore The Prince Alice narrative in a number of different ways. Their open mindedness and curiosity has allowed us to work collaboratively as we tackle a choreographic narrative for the first time.

The audience feedback we collected at last weeks sharing has directed this weeks explorations. We revisited particular sections and tried to apply the feedback received. This inspired new explorations and ideas. Much of the feedback related to the development of the work; sound, costume, design, extending the choreography. Therefore we will be able to revisit this feedback when we are back in the studio for the development of the work.

We also spent some time this week discussing the development of the research project and how we will be working with the community groups. The next stage is the family dance project; a series of workshops with a group of families. This is a unique opportunity to work intergenerationally and explore The Princess Alice narrative in a different way. We are really looking forward to meeting the families who will be joining us in the studio for our first workshop on Saturday.

As the first stage of the research and development draws to a close, it feels like the start of something exciting…

Daisy Farris Dance Collective