Re-visiting Bluebell…

Today we spent a wonderful day in the studio at Greenwich Dance Agency, reworking ‘She’s Like A Forest Fire…Unstoppable’.

DFDC has been invited to perform ‘She’s Like A Forest Fire…Unstoppable’ at BIG DANCE 2016 in Medway. The live choreography will be performed on Sun Pier in Chatham, returning to the site that inspired it a year ago. As well as the live performance, the film will be screened on the Big Screen in Chatham throughout the afternoon.

DFDC are excited to present a reworked version of the original choreography which is now performed by 3 dancers. The choreography has taken a new form and it was wonderful to revisit Bluebell’s quirks today in the studio. Between now and then we will be working toward the performance at BIG DANCE so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Catch Hannah, Holly and Sarah performing ‘She’s Like A Forest Fire…Unstoppable’, Saturday July 9th on Sun Pier, Chatham. The performance is part of Medway’s Big Dance 2016.